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Mechatronic Engineering:
  • Is a new focus area in engineering
  • Combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer systems

A typical Mechatronics system is characterised by close integration of the mechanical components (e.g. mechanical links, gears, etc.), electrical sensors (e.g. sensors for position, speed, light and temperature measurement), mechanical and electrical actuators (e.g. linear and rotating electrical motors, hydraulic cylinders and flow control valves), and computer controllers (e.g. custom-built controllers, personal computers and PLC's) into products and systems useful to man and society. In order to combine all these elements in an optimal way (cost effective, flexible, and with the highest performance), Mechatronics engineers must have insight into each of these disciplines.

GMSA Chair in Mechatronics

GENERAL Motors South Africa (GMSA) has signed a R3.6 million Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for a Chair in Mechatronics between Nelson Mandela University and the motor manufacturer.

This means that we will enhance our infrastructure and human resource knowledge base to meet the needs of a modern and competitive automotive industry.

Nelson Mandela University is the only university in the Eastern Cape to offer the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics, a qualification that fuses expertise in various fields of engineering, including electronics, mechanical engineering and computer-aided design, and is viewed as a critical degree in today’s automated automotive and related manufacturing environment.

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Head of Department
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Administrative Professional
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